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Serafina: Growing Website Sales with Google & Meta Advertising

Serafina is an elevated everyday women's fashion brand that wanted to grow its website sales, especially in markets where it did not have physical stores. On My Mind worked with Serafina to implement a comprehensive Google and Meta advertising strategy that resulted in significant growth.

The Challenge

Serafina's existing Google and Meta advertising campaigns were not performing as well as they could. There were measurement issues that were resulting in revenue not being attributed correctly in Google Analytics.

Additionally, Meta ads lacked a funnel strategy and were not using effective audiences, resulting in high frequency of ads which were causing high costs and low return on ad spend (ROAS). Google ads also demonstrated low performance due to a poorly optimised Google Shopping feed and campaign budgets not being allocated by ROAS.

Our Solution

  • On My Mind resolved the measurement issues, ensuring that revenue performance could be accurately tracked per channel.

  • Meta ads :

    • We implemented a full funnel strategy using custom audiences and lookalikes based on website data and social interactions. We also refined the top of funnel audience to better match the target customer. This enabled us to nurture a prospect from their first interaction with Serafina ads, all the way to purchase and retention.

    • We implemented exclusion audiences to remove those who had recently purchased etc to make the campaigns more effective.

    • We split South Australia campaigns out to allow them to expand quickly. Our interstate campaigns began more conservatively, focusing on the states that had driven the most sales to date, and then once we had built momentum we progressively added in other states.

  • Google ads

    • We collaborated with the customer to improve the data quality of the Google Shopping feed, which enabled us to build Performance Max campaigns for SA and interstate. We set a target ROAS for the campaigns to optimise towards and progressively updated the campaign assets to reflect new season styles. We implemented custom audience signals including targeting people who visited competitor websites and “similar audiences”

    • We implemented Google search campaigns covering keywords from the popular product types and focused on negative keywords to keep our ads relevant at all times.

The Results

  • After 1 month:

    • Google Ads Revenue increased 438% for a 113% increase in cost

    • Facebook Ads Revenue increased 39% for a 40% increase in cost

  • After 12 months, comparing Year on Year for the month of April

    • Google Ads Revenue increased 3188% for a 693% increase in cost, ROAS improved 314%

    • Facebook Ads Revenue increased 200% for a 149% increase in cost, ROAS improved 20%

The Impact

The impact of the new advertising strategy was significant. Total monthly website revenue increased 397% Year on Year and Interstate sales grew from being 21% of overall website revenue to 80%. This resulted in a significant increase in revenue for Serafina and helped them to reach new customers in markets where they did not have physical stores.

If you are looking to grow your website sales, contact On My Mind today. We can help you develop a comprehensive Google and Meta advertising strategy that will help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.


“We joined with On My Mind as we were searching for an agency where we were communicating with the key decision makers on our account. We wanted to understand the strategy behind decisions being made so we could scale quicker and have better agility in our campaigns. Lauren and her team provided this. At all times they were accessible and willing to work side by side to help us achieve our goals. The team were always flexible to accommodate any changes we needed in our campaigns which was essential in the competitive retail environment. They played a pivotal role in growing the online side of our business and this growth has now seen us graduate to bringing the role in house, something we never thought would be possible. I would highly recommend Lauren and her team to anyone looking to partner with an agency to grow their business.” Michael, Managing Director - Serafina

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